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About Brandee Beck

Brandee earned her NASM Certified Personal Trainer qualification in 2012. While she has worked in big box gyms and for Parks and Recreation, her true love is working as a one-on-one personal trainer. Brandee plans challenging, progressive work outs customized for each client. Passionate about helping clients meet their goals, she collaborates and listens to her clients and uses those conversations to create a positive exercise experience that guides her clients to grow more capable, stronger and more satisfied with their bodies.

Brandee previously worked in the restaurant industry. She suffered a debilitating herniated disc causing permanent nerve damage to her leg and foot. Her left foot became paralyzed and left her with no movement or control of her foot or ankle. She developed muscle weaknesses and imbalances from the waist down on her left side. Doctors provided very little assistance or therapy - she had a brace on her leg and a cane. Dissatisfied with this outcome, Brandee looked for ways to rehabilitate herself. Through sheer grit and determination, she created her own strength-training program and ultimately freed herself of the brace and cane. She was even able to run!

Along her journey to health, Brandee sought out personal training. She found it challenging to identify a trainer willing to work with her limitations and really listen to what she needed. One of her short-lived trainers even treated her like a baby, refusing to acknowledge her physical inability to perform the exercises he recommended. Finally, she partnered with a NASM certified trainer who encouraged her to become a trainer herself! 

Brandee switched gears because she had found her true calling as a personal trainer. She's intuitive when working with and understanding the functionality of the human body. She works with a range of diverse clients and specializes in those with lower back pain, physical limitations, injury, and surgery recovery. She uses integrated training techniques and a variety of modalities to design low to moderate intensity sessions with little or no impact. Her philosophy is "Slow and steady wins the race!" 

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Group Personal Trainer

AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor 

Strong Education Certified Adaptive Special Needs Trainer

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